Active Era Air Beds

What is the difference between the Luxury and Premium air bed?

The Luxury air bed is designed with an internal support structure that mimics the design of a regular bed providing unrivaled support and comfort. It is also covered with a thick multi layered waterproof flock for luxurious bed like comfort.

Does my air bed come with a carry bag?

Our Luxury air bed and our camping air bed with USB rechargeable pump come with a travel bag however, the premium air bed doesn’t.

Is it possible to inflate the air bed with a pump for use in camping without an electrical outlet?

Our Camping Air Bed and our premium Air Beds with Built-In Electric Pump come with a power cord that needs to be plugged into an electrical outlet however, if electrical power is not available, then a conventional foot or manual operated air pump can be connected to the airbed.

Can I plug my electric pump into my car cigarette lighter?

Our air beds can’t be inflated through the cigarette lighter in your car.

What’s the best way to remove a stain? 

If you happen to stain your air bed, we recommended to use warm soapy water and a non-abrasive sponge however, not all stains will be removable as with most other fabrics.

Do the air beds contain latex at all?

Our air beds don’t contain latex.

How long does the air bed take to inflate?

Our air beds take between 3-5 minutes to inflate. The air beds can take up to 5 minutes to deflate.

My air bed is smaller than stated

Air beds are a little tricky to measure completely accurately given that they will be slightly different sizes depending on how much air you put into them. If your airbed is not as large as expected, please pump some more air into it manually.

My air bed has developed a bulge, is this normal?

This bulge (air bubble) is due to structural breakdown of the inside support of the air bed, and is not repairable. Should this occur, please take a picture and send it to our customer care team here. Please include the batch number of your air bed and your order number so our team can assist you. 


Active Era Body Scales

Why is my scale showing an error message?

You may see the below error messages on your Body Scales. Please try troubleshooting the below and your scales should work as normal.

  • ‘Lo’ – Batteries are low and needs replacing
  • ‘Err’ – Scales are overloaded and have exceeded maximum weight. Step off the scales to avoid damaging the sensors
  • ‘C’ – A measuring error has occurred. Step off scales and back on again

Why is my scale reading inaccurate?

Inaccuracies can happen if for various reasons. To make sure that your scale is being used correctly please check the below.

  • Check that you are barefoot
  • Please be sure to use the scale on a flat and hard surface (no carpets)
  • Please try replacing the batteries

If your scale reading is still inaccurate, please contact our customer care team with your order number, who will be happy to help.

Can I connect my Smart Bathroom Scales to my apple watch?

Our Smart bathroom scales are able to connect to your apple health app, FitBit and your Google Fit however, they’re unable to connect to your Apple or Garmin watch.

How do I switch measurements on the scale?

These scales measure weight in Kilograms (kg), Pounds (lb) and Stone (st). Simply press the button on the underside of the scales to switch between them.

Which scale can I use to monitor body fat?

Most of our scales can monitor your body fat and display it on the screen however, Our Transparent Ultra Slim Digital Bathroom Scales and our Ultra Slim Digital Bathroom Scales don’t measure your body fat and will only show your total weight on the screen.

How is my scale Smart Bathroom Scales measuring my BMI/BMR?

Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) refers to the number of calories the body requires when at rest to function effectively.

The BS-05 works out your BMR by making calculations based on your gender, body mass, age, weight, height whether you have selected athlete mode or not.

Selecting or not selecting athlete mode in conjunction with the other data points is sufficient to make the required calculation.

Within a healthy, balanced diet, a man needs approximately 2,500kcal a day to maintain their weight and function effectively. For a woman, that figure is approximately 2,000kcal a day.

What does Visceral fat mean?

Visceral Fat is an index rather than a % or specific unit. As it is an index you can have standard, high, or excessive levels. 1-9 means the level of visceral fat is standard, 10-14 means the level of visceral fat is high, and over 14 means the levels of visceral fat are extremely high. 

Is it possible delete certain records from my Smart Bathroom Scales or do I have to delete my profile?

You are able to remove specific information from your account. In order to do so, you will need to open the app > tap Trends > tap Historical Records > select the date you would like to delete data for > slide left on the data you would like to delete to reveal the red delete button > tap the red delete button.

To delete a user account:  go to my account > put your finger on the user you want to delete and swipe to the left. > click delete.

I want to delete a user on my app.

To delete a user go to My Account. Press and hold the user you would like to delete and slide your finger to the left to bring up a red delete button. Press the red delete button and the user will be deleted. Please be aware, you cannot delete the primary user. 

I have a pacemaker, can I use the Body Fat Analyser Bathroom Scales with BMI, Muscle and Calories scales ? 

Our product should not be used if you have a pacemaker or any other internal medical device. 

I am pregnant, can I use the Body Fat Analyser Bathroom Scales with BMI, Muscle and Calories scales ? 

The body fat scales use bio electrical impedance, sending a safe and very low electrical current through the body. Since the electrical current flows more quickly through water and muscle than bone or fat, the scale measures the speed of the current. Based on that number, the scale estimates body fat using a multi-step, mathematical formula. As pregnant women have water in the womb, the result won’t be accurate.

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