31 Reasons Why Active Era’s Comfort Plus Air Bed is the Best in the UK

31 Reasons Why Active Era’s Comfort Plus Air Bed is the Best in the UK

Choosing an air bed can be daunting! With so many styles and features, it can be hard to know what is important and what exactly it is that you need from an inflatable air bed. To save you from endless hours of Googling ‘best air bed uk 2022’, we’ll just tell you what we know – that Active Era’s Comfort Plus Air bed is the best in the UK.

As a group of individuals passionate about quality, comfort and innovation we’ve developed an air bed that ticks all the boxes. Read on below for 31 Reasons Why Active Era’s Comfort Plus Air bed is the best in the UK.



1. Versatile

When looking for an inflatable mattress, it’s important to figure out exactly what you need. Some air beds are designed purely for the outdoors, and some are for indoors. The difference between these is largely the method of inflation, the weight, and the hardiness of the material, which will determine if your mattress is a guest bedroom permanent fixture or gets whipped out for your camping adventures. However, if you’re into all of these, why bother getting two mattresses? Active Era’s Comfort Plus air bed is created to be your best friend for all occasions.

2. Comfort

The point of an air bed is to provide a comfortable spot to sleep on. There’s no point lugging around a flimsy mattress that doesn’t provide adequate restful sleep for your day’s activities. Active Era’s Comfort plus Air Bed is designed to support the whole body with innovative air beams that provide exceptional support – but we’ll get more into those later. Ergonomically designed internal structure for complete full-body support from head to toe

3. Durable

Active Era’s Comfort Plus Air Bed is built to last. Made with hard-wearing materials, it’ll be accompanying you on all your travels for a while! All materials used are durable, puncture-resistant, and waterproof.

4. Innovative Structure

Air beds have come a long way from vertical chambers that sag and offer no support! Most air mattresses are uncomfortable due to their internal structure and harsh plastic surfaces. These don’t support body weight, quickly sag, and are uncomfortable to lie on. Active Era’s Comfort Plus Air Bed is designed with precision to ensure a long-lasting, comfortable rest.

5. Value

Camping or seeing friends shouldn’t require hundreds of pounds and with so much equipment available it’s good to know what’s important to splash your cash on. An air bed would be one of your costlier items. As we know what’s important and what exactly you need, we’ve managed to create an inexpensive air bed that’s affordable, with top of the range specs.

6. Electric Inflation

As convenient and versatile as inflatable beds are, we know the most annoying part about setting one up is the tedious inflation. We know you’ve earned your rest on your journey, so sit back, relax, and let the included electric pump inflate your bed effortlessly.

7. Manual Pump Inflation

Even though electric inflation is the easiest way to go, we know it’s not always realistic to expect an electrical outlet to be within reach. Our inflatable mattress can also be used with a conventional manual or foot pump.

8. Easy To Clean

We’ve got you covered, late-night snackers! The flocked fabric and PVC vinyl that our beds are created from are water repellent and super easy to clean. Just give it a wipe with a damp cloth to hide all traces of your midnight feast.

9. Included Puncture Repair Kit

Due to the nature of air beds, unfortunately, one tiny little puncture can render yours completely useless. As durable as ours is, we know nothing ever goes to plan when you’re travelling, so it comes with everything you need to patch it up wherever you are. Quickly and easily locate the hole on your air bed and use the included puncture repair kit to be back to bed in no time.

10. Raised Pillow

There’s absolutely nothing worse than spending your day trying to ignore the twinge in your neck from sleeping uncomfortably. For all those times there’s just no space for a pillow to join you on the journey, Active Era’s Comfort Plus Air Bed has a built-in raised pillow for neck and head support.

11. Included Storage Bag

The Active Era Comfort Plus Air Bed is designed to be as fuss-free as possible. When it’s not providing a restful night’s sleep for you or your loved ones, just pop it in the included storage bag and tuck it away.

12. Fast Inflation

As much as we love an adventure, we know when you need a rest, you need a rest and waiting ages for an air bed to inflate can be extremely frustrating. That’s why we’ve designed ours to go from flat to fully inflated in just two minutes for the single size and three minutes for the king size.

13. Quick and easy deflation

Remember going to roll up your air bed to tuck away in the morning and being unable to squish it back in its box? That’s probably due to all the air trapped inside after painstakingly jumping up and down on it and meticulously rolling it up to try to expel the air. We’re all about convenience at Active Era! Simply plug in your air bed, set it to ‘deflate’ and pack it away three to four minutes later. That’s really all it takes.

14. Built-in pump

When space is of the essence, who wants to be lugging around unnecessary pieces of equipment? With a built-in pump, there’s no need for accessories. The Comfort Plus Air Bed’s electric pump is built-in with a cord of 160 centimetres so you can extend it all the way to the outlet from your most comfortable position.

15. Long-Term Use

Due to its sturdy design, this air bed can be a more permanent fixture in your guest bedroom! All the materials that the Active Era Comfort Plus Air Bed is made from are safe for daily use and comfortable for long term use.

16. Bed-Sized

To make an air bed feel more like your own bed, try using your bedding to create your own home away from home. We’ve created our air mattresses with the same dimensions as standard single-sized and king-sized beds in the UK, so all your favourite sheets and toppers fit perfectly.

17. Flocked surface

We all know air beds are made of tough plastic, which definitely isn’t the most inviting surface to sleep on. To combat this, we’ve designed our air beds with a soft-touch flocked surface for a plastic-free feel. There’s also no threat of you being launched off it as you sleep, as the fabric has more grip and allows your sheets to stay put the whole night through.

18. Raised Height

For the most bed-like experience, look for a raised air bed. As it’s not healthy to sleep on the floor, get as far away from it as possible! Our Active Era Comfort Plus Air Beds are raised off the ground by a nice and high 56 centimetres so you can hop in and out with ease.

19. Single and King Sizes

Active Era’s single-sized and king-sized inflatable beds are exactly what you’re used to. Whether you’re on a solo journey or bringing a partner, there’s an option available for you to have a spacious and comfortable sleep experience.

20. Simple Operation

We hate spending hours of our adventure setting up finicky gadgets that don’t end up actually making our lives any easier. That’s why we’ve designed the Active Era Comfort Plus Air Bed with the simplest operation possible. Simply plug the power cord in and twist the dial to ‘inflate’ to enjoy your inflatable mattress. When you’re done, plug it back in and twist it to ‘deflate’ and watch the air mattress do all the hard work for you.

21. Warmth

Inflatable air mattresses are notorious for providing a very chilly sleep. This is usually due to being so close to the ground and the fact that PVC can’t keep you very warm. Comfort is key when on your expeditions so our air mattress is raised far from the ground and covered in a flocked material so you can enjoy a more temperature-regulated rest.

22. Air Chambers

The most supportive air mattresses have vertical air chambers or coils that help distribute weight. Active Era’s Comfort Plus Air Bed is created with 6 I-Beams, which means that the air beams run vertically and perpendicular to the ground, for luxurious whole-body support. It’s thanks to these that we’ve created an air mattress that doesn’t sag on one end while you sit on the other.

23. High Max Weight Limit

Another reason air beds may sag is that their weight limit has been reached. Unlike flimsy inflatable mattresses, ours have higher weight limits so that you can enjoy all the layers you need to keep you comfortable on a single, and you and a partner on a king size. Enjoy a maximum weight limit of 249 kg on our single mattresses and 295kg on our king-sized mattresses.

24. Adjustable Firmness

One benefit of air beds over conventional beds is their customisability. Whether you prefer a firmer mattress or more of a hammock feel, it’s easy to inflate and deflate it to your preference.

25. Pack Up and Go

One of an air bed’s most attractive features is that they travel easily. Our Comfort Plus Air beds are light at only 6.65 Kilograms for the king size and 6.01 Kilograms for a single size mattress. When deflated and packed up, the single size is 37.5 x 40.5 x 37 centimetres and the king size is 45.4 x 21.8 x 36 centimetres, so you can bring them along even when pressed for space.

26. Stylish and Functional

We like our products to look as good as the function they provide. Our Active Era blue flocked top atop the crisp white PVC makes your adventure all the more Instagram worthy.

27. Extended Warranty

We’re confident in our products and know that the life expectancy of an air bed is an important factor to consider. Active Era Comfort Plus Air Beds come with a standard warranty of at least 12 months, but if you register yours within 7 days of purchase, we’ll up this to 2 years, free of charge. As an extra thank you, we’ll also email you a 20% off discount voucher for your next purchase.

28. 10% Off Your First Order

Who doesn’t love a discount? For some extra cash off your order, sign up to our newsletter for 10% off your first purchase. You can find our newsletter form at the bottom right hand side of the page.

29. Fast and Efficient Customer Care Support

We’d like to ensure you can enjoy complete peace of mind with your purchase. For any comments or queries, contact our customer care team for fast, friendly, and efficient help.

30. Free Delivery

We know that an adventure can come up quickly! For your last-minute getaways or surprise guests, order your inflatable mattress and get it delivered at absolutely no cost.

31. Rated Best Overall Air Bed

We’re not the only ones who think that Active Era’s Comfort Plus Air Bed is the best air bed in the UK! Our final reason for this bold claim is that it was rated “Best Buy” by The Independent. They love that it inflates and deflates quickly with mains power, comes with a carry bag, and offers extreme support and stability. Give the article a read here and see how it measures up. 

When shopping for an inflatable mattress, ensure the one you’ve gone with meets all the above criteria. Next time you find yourself asking which air bed is best, remember we’ve made it easy for you with Active Era’s Comfort Plus Air Bed - everything you need for bed-like comfort in your home away from home.

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31 Reasons Why Active Era’s Comfort Plus Air Bed is the Best in the UK

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